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Summer is Here

Yeah! Summer has arrived which means school is ending and the time for having fun has arrived. Whether you are going on vacation or hanging out at home there are plenty of fun and educational activities to help pass the time. Check out what we have to offer and tell your friends too!

Summer Time Crafts

Arts and crafts make for a great activity during the summer. Many of these fun crafts can be enjoyed outdoors when the weather is nice. We have many arts and crafts ideas such as our tropical rainstick, paint-spattered gift wrap, homemade watercolors, crystal hearts, edible crystals - plus many more! Who new that having fun can be educational too?!

Summer Foods and Recipes

If you want to some fun recipes to try out this summer (with adult supervision, of course!) we have lots that are easy to make and great to eat! Our worms in dirt recipe is fun and great for the summer. Our worm sandwiches recipe is great too. Our fruity oatmeal recipe is great for breakfast. You'll need something to wash these foods down with. Try our Kris Kringle punch - even if it isn't winter!


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