Summer Craft Kids

When it comes to summer craft, kids find it the best way out to fight boredom and have a great time. What better way to enjoy than indulge in summer crafts from the kids perspective. They simply love it. If you wish to have a blast this season then you must try some of the summer craft patterns and projects.

Kids are adventurous and they love having fun. This is why summer craft is ideal for children. Remember it also imparts creativity in them. Speaking of crafts what about the fairy houses where you decorate the garden or even a shelf for that matter with a variety of fun fairy houses.

All you need to acquire is flat bases, such as piece of bark from tree, large stone or seashell for building houses, stones or gravel for walkways, small dried flowers, wood glue and of course spray varnish. Likewise you can create walkways, trees, flowerbeds, windows, antennas, gazing balls and much more.

And what about the Cookie Cutter Bird Feeder where cookie cutters are used to shape stale bread into different shapes. Next a small hole is made in the center of the bread while you string the thread through the whole and then tie it.

The Marble Planter is such a creation where you apply a joint compound on top of a clay plant and pot cover. Marbles or flat pieces of colored glass are then stuck to the pot to complete the craft. And how can you miss the Drawstring Bandana Beach Bag, which is a stitched up bag to carry your lotion, towel and a magazine to the beach.

Your kid can’t get more adventurous this holiday unless you try Tie Dye Fan where you light spray a paper fan to blow your imagination. CD Flash Dancers Craft on the other hand requires a couple of CDs, glue and string. You only need to fix the two CDs with glue keeping in mind that the writing should face in. The string is attached by way of tying it through the hole in the center. And from the moment they are hung from the tree branch or someplace else you can see the ‘flashes dance’.

If you still believe that it’s not enough and you are running out of ideas then you must invite the toads to your garden in a creative way. You can test your creativity as you build a tiny toad village in your garden. Try your luck, as you might as well be surprised to find the toads making a move in your garden. A pool, some rustic small fences, and a welcome sign and of course toad houses are some of the requisites of an inviting garden.

Kids exploit their creativity and have a blast. There is no doubt that, for summer craft, kids go crazy.