Third Grade Math

Third grade math or 3 grade math essentially includes the fundamentals of the arithmetic operations. At this grade, the child needs to master the basics of arithmetics, as well as understand geometry moving into the concepts.

The child of 3 grade develops his/her arithmetic skills and geometry skills by practicing the third grade math lessons, doing the printable worksheets and also by taking part in the interactive activities. Therefore, the third grade math exams will be more rigorous than the math tests in the first and second grades.

Learning math in 3rd grade

The lesson plans of math in 3 grade is meant to familiarize the child with various learning tools like 3rd grade math games, 3rd grade math worksheets and many 3rd grade word problems and math activities. To develop the math skills, the child needs to develop a number sense, develop the skill of solving mathematical problems, develop a geometry and spatial sense, be able to measure, be able to analyze data and probability.

The 3 grade math students also have to build their memory on what they have already learned in the previous years. In 3 grade math, the children will be working with numbers through the hundred-thousands. Other things that your child will get to know includes learning about decimals in the money context and gain an experience with the fractions until 100. The new and complex math methods throw a challenge to the third grade students that they must understand.

Other things the child learns

3 grade math will also help your child gain an understanding and be able to provide an explanation of addition and subtraction, as well as get writing related fact families. The child will also be able to multiply by skip counting, use doubles and model with objects or drawings. The child in the third grade will also be able to learn how to divide and will have a sense of the remainders.

Learning about money, measuring time in the clocks and calendars, knowing about the temperature scales are other concepts that the child of this grade gets to learn.

Grabbing a good understanding of 3 grade math will help your child get his basic mathematical concept clear and to get better at mathematics in future.