US History

Meet the Daggetts
Meet the Daggetts, a colonial family from the 1700’s.
Find out about their life and the community they lived in.

Abraham Lincoln
This is a short biography of Abraham Lincoln.
It includes such details as what was in his pockets when he died, his sense of humor and his childhood.

Archaeology at Colonial Williamsburg – Kids Page
Here you can find out about artifacts in your own home,
what games kids played during the civil war, and play some games, too.

Civil War Timeline
This is a very simple timeline, showing the main events leading up to,
and included in the American Civil War.

Follow the Drinking Gourd
The words of the song, sung by slaves escaping to freedom,
are written down, with an explanation of what they mean.

History of the Lincoln Highway
This is a brief history of the highway, from it’s origin,
through it’s construction, to its renaming as a numbered highway.

Jump Back in Time
Take a trip back in time to any American Era, starting with the Colonial Wars.
There is a lot of information, here, written in a clear understandable way.


Johnny Appleseed
Who was Johnny Appleseed, what did he do and why? Find out here,
at this clear simple site, aimed at younger children.

Growing Seasons

Growing Seasons
This page gives a brief look at farm life during the early part of the twentieth century.
Links at the bottom, to each of the seasons, give you more details.

Living Under Enslavement

Living Under Enslavement
Read about what life was like for slaves on a Southern plantation in 1850.
Enter a slave’s house and learn more about their daily life,
and how they preserved their African traditions and resisted slavery.

Pioneer Families
A brief history of three pioneer families from Kent, Washington, is told here.
Although the information is very brief, it gives a glimpse into life as a pioneer,
and some of the difficulties these families faced.

The Salem Witchcraft Trials

The Salem Witchcraft Trials
In 1692, twenty people were executed in Salem,
for practicing witchcraft. Read about the trials and what led up to them.

Time Map – US Borders
Slide the cursor along the timeline at the top of the map, and watch how the United States came to be.
This map requires shockwave and is a bit slow to load. Be patient.