Spelling Worksheet Information

If you avail of the free spelling worksheets, you will be well guided in helping your kids learn and perfect the significant spelling skills. Why does your child need to master the spelling skills? If your children have effective learning skills then they will also be good at reading and writing.

As parents you might be unaware about the lessons and activities that your child requires for developing the spelling skills. In such a case, what you must do is, get the child to recognize the sounds and letters firstly. It is very important for the children to recognize the sounds and get to spell them phonetically.

Your task will be to guide the children to keep in mind the appropriate sequence of the letters and to be able to recall the spelling of a certain word in their minds. Now, this will also put the memorization skills of your child to test.

You have to get your child interested in learning the spelling of the words. Children should learn and relearn for keeping the spellings in memory. If the words are not relearned then it will not be possible to make the knowledge permanent. The children must also practice spellings to be efficient in it.

The best way to introduce new words to your child is through reading. Do not provide the child lists of new words, but instead let the child seek out the new words while reading a book.

Use of the free spelling worksheets

For improving your child’s spelling abilities, you can take the help of the free spelling worksheets. Children can easily manage the spelling worksheets with a little bit of support from you. These worksheets bring out the excellent speller in your child with the usage of spelling patterns and spelling rules.

The free spelling worksheets usually have pictures on the left and spaces on the right for the students to write the words.

How you should go about with the free spelling worksheets?

  • Make your child write and then use the writing for helping the child learn spellings. This method is very effective.
  • Use the free spelling worksheets for making the necessary corrections in your child’s writings. Then, ensure that your child learns the correct spelling of the words.
  • Check your child’s writing thoroughly and circle the misspelled words prominently.
  • The child must know the proper pronunciation of a word as well as the proper spelling. In this case, you can use the free spelling worksheets as an effective guide.
  • Whenever your child makes a spelling mistake, you must put before your child the spelling rules and help your child follow it.
  • You can create a spelling notebook where you can allot different pages for the ‘pronunciation’ and the ‘spelling pattern’.
  • Encourage your child to keep adding new words with the similar spelling pattern in the spelling notebook. There should be new spelling notebook sheets for every new spelling pattern.

Lay your hands on the free spelling worksheets, you will find that as a parent you can enhance your child’s memory and also better the child’s reading, phonics, grammar, vocabulary and writing skills.