Girls School Uniform

There should be certain amount of decency in girls school uniform, articulates the school dress codes. Great Clothes for Great Kids
Several reasons have compelled the schools to follow strict school dress codes that require boys and girls school uniform.

School dress codes may vary from country to country and school to school, but generally the school dress codes require the certain things in the girl school uniform. According to most of school dress codes—

  • The girl school uniform should include polo or button-down shirts in navy, light blue, white, red, or another solid color.
  • The slacks, shorts, skirts, or shorts in the girls school uniform should be black, khaki, or navy, but not jeans.
  • The girls school uniform skirts must be knee-length or longer.
  • The girls school uniform pants must fit properly and be belted at the waist.
  • The girls school uniform shirts must be tucked in.

Additionally the school dress codes require the girls’ hair to be neatly groomed, and they don’t allow excessive jewelry and long earrings in girls school uniform.

But, parents and educators are divided on the issue of rigid school dress codes. Generally the girls dislike school dress codes. Particularly middle and high school girls hate conformity and hate looking exactly like everyone else. They feel like being robbed of their personal identities. The strict school dress codes do not permit any peculiar personalization and accessorizing in girls school uniform, yet there are school dress codes that are pretty lenient and liberal about girl school uniform.