Ancient Civilizations

Ancient Civilizations Virtual Museum
This is a virtual museum created by Grade 6 at William Penn Charter School. The links will take you to China, Canaan, India, Mesopotamia, Mayan and African civilizations.

The Ancient Aztecs
This site is packed with interesting facts about the Aztecs. You can learn about their daily life, dress, religion, rulers, school and much more.

A very clear and simple to understand site, covering many aspects of the Aztec civilization. The site is in English and Spanish. For the English version you need to click on the picture. The Spanish version is self-explanatory.

The Etruscans – Ancient Civilization in Italy
Join Larth the Etruscan, navigator, merchant and warrior on a journey through time to this ancient Italian civilization. Visit three major cities and see the sights!

Mayan Culture, Oddities, and Games
This site gives some interesting facts about ancient Mayan culture. It includes beautification and food the Mayan way. Definitely not for the squeamish!

Daily Life in Ancient Rome
Starting with breakfast and going right through a typical day’s activities, this site gives a clear description of daily life in Ancient Rome.

Pharaoh Exhibition
Learn more about Ancient Egypt from this site at the Cleveland Museum of Art. Be sure to check out Rosetta Stone, and see what she can tell you about the times of the Pharaoh’s. Don’t forget to try the quiz and make a cut out Pharaoh.

The Real Story of the Olympic Games
A look at the original Olympics Games. When and where they were held, the athletes and who was allowed to compete. How were they different to the Games now? Read all about them then decided which Games you think are better.

The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World
Find out what they were and why the Greeks chose them for the list. Hop in your time machine and travel back to see them.
Make sure you have your bags packed!