Free Printable Reading Comprehension Worksheets

The free printable reading comprehension worksheets are great handy tools, when it comes to adding tinges of fun and entertainment to reading comprehensions. The worksheets lay emphasis on grammar, spelling, vocabulary and, most important of all, on reading abilities. The free printable reading comprehension worksheets incorporate lessons, small paragraphs, articles, stories and similar exercises that boost the over-all reading skills of the learners.

Available mostly on the Internet, the free printable reading comprehension worksheets are planned in a way to cater to the learning needs of the students of all levels – there are interesting worksheets meant for the students of kindergarten as well as for the middle or High school students.

For a nursery student, you can hand a printable worksheet, which are based mostly on pictures. For higher-level students, you can include small paragraphs or stories and thereafter exercises, which will have the question and answer sessions from the text.

For high school students, however, you can introduce a great number of comprehension worksheets; questions in these worksheets will be tougher and not as mechanical as those of the elementary level. Let the students understand the inherent meaning of the text and write down the central theme in their own words. The whole process will enable you judge the understanding ability of your students.

Many websites even allow you to customize free printable reading comprehension worksheets according to your ward’s capabilities and needs.

Using The Free Printable Reading Comprehension Worksheets

Let your child follow a few things before, during and after reading. Before the child reads the piece of writing/story, introduce the child to the storyline, giving him/her the vocabulary-list related to the story. Most important of all, let your child realize the basic purpose of reading.

Once your child starts reading from the comprehension worksheets, let him/her practice the self-questioning strategies to fathom their understanding ability of the subject. Once they have finished reading, let them retell the story in gist or write it in the worksheets, in their own words. This will help you judge how well they have understood the comprehension.

Free Printable Reading Comprehension Worksheets – Learning is now more Fun

For the elementary level, you can make learning more fun. Pictures and colors attract small children. Therefore, take out prints of bright and big pictures of animals, paste the same on the comprehension worksheets and then let your child identify the same. You can also give them the first letter of the word to help them recognize the object in the picture promptly.

With the many websites offering free printable reading comprehension worksheets, you can easily assess your child’s learning abilities and help the child improve the reading skills, all in play.