Early Childhood Development

Early childhood development is all about imitating the simple gestures and thorough observation. When you think of child development, the first thing that comes to your mind is language and speech. During infancy, it is observed that babies often listen to their parents talk and they pay close attention when someone talks to them.

Normally you will find that your child has the tendency to enhance the language development through imitation and close observation. This thorough observation at times proved as the perfect foundation for a child’s understanding of the native language. Therefore, this way through language and speech patterns you will find that your child is slowly heading towards perfection.

Several activities to enhance early childhood development

When we are thinking of early childhood development, the first thing that comes to our mind is to engage our children in such activities that can easily enhance his/her mental and physical development. There are several activities and games that you and your child can easily engage to enhance natural development.

When you are concentrating on your child’s language skills, the first thing you need to know is how to encourage your little one to imitate simple syllables like ‘ma’ or ‘dad’. As opportunities to develop perfect language skills, you need to talk to your infant very often.

As an early childhood development, gestures and proper representation of meanings play an important part of early language skills. Imitating simple gestures and reciting some, rhymes will surely help your child in development activities. Nursery rhymes and silly songs are sure to help your child learn speech patterns and language skills. Reading picture books that deal with animals, colors, shapes and asking them to say the names of pictures can help your little one to enhance early language development and to point out correct object.

You need to support your preschooler’s language skills. Repeat your little ones some sentences to correct pronunciation and grammatical errors without chastising her mistakes. You need to encourage your child’s oral language and vocabulary skills by naming common objects, familiar people, body parts and then describing them properly.

You can also make your own picture book with your child, where you can ask your little one to collect pictures of favorite toys, animals, super heroes and then allow him to sort the pictures.

So like other parents if you are conscious about your little one’s early childhood development, then the first thing you need to do is to allow your little ones to several activities, games and imitating process.