Early Childhood

Early childhood education refers to the education in nascent years of a child, which initiates from the time a baby is born to 8 years of age. It is the foundation years of the child’s academic life, when the mind is innocent and tender. The education is propagated also through play, which plays a major role in the early childhood.

What is early childhood education?

In the first six to eight years of a child’s life, he/she is taught on a combination of emotional, physical, intelligence/cognitive learning and social learning. Parents and primary level mentors play an integral role in imparting the basic knowledge to the children. The children learn to recognize the world they are living in. A research reveals that children have the fastest learning capacity when they are between 0 to 6 years of age. The bookish knowledge is not everything at this age, since they rely more on what they see and listen. However, a systematic teaching procedure accompanied with healthy nutrition and parental/caregiver interaction beings out the most effective result.

Early childhood development of a child

Development in this sense means the overall development of a child. Here development means physical development, communication and language development, cognitive development, emotional development and social development. This indicates that a child will enjoy a whole development of both mind and body. They learn how to react and interact with the outside world and develop an awareness and control of feelings. A child being able to comprehend his/her relationship with others in the society learn how they to interact with the social world.

Remember that, ‘play’ is very important in a child’s life, since that enables a child to create, investigate, discover and get motivated to learn things. More so, playing helps in coordination of the eye and hands of children. A staunch foundation in early childhood education helps a child grow and do well in life in the future. This will also ensure that your child is ready for the kindergarten level and being the parent you can feel more confident that your child will do his/her best in studies.