Vocabulary Games

Vocabulary games are known to be one of the most entertaining games that enable a child to acquire excellent vocabulary skills. It is very important for every child to learn new words and phrases that are quite helpful in gaining writing skills. These vocabulary games enable students to develop letter and spelling skills. At times, learning from books seems boring and frustrating for a child. Here lies the importance of the vocabulary games, which really promotes fun and motivation within the students. These vocabulary games are designed in such a way that children just love to keep themselves engaged for hours.

There are a number of vocabulary games, which are available in the educational stores. Let us discuss about some of them:

Many words from one – This game is played by children of six years. It can be played by a single player or multiple players. The game commences with a beginner who has to write a six-letter word. After that, each player has to write many words that can be made from that particular word that was written in the beginning. The winner of the game is he who forms the maximum number of words from the first word.

The Rhyming Game – This vocabulary game is especially designed for small children, and known to be one of the most fun loving games. The players have to create links between words, which they will make out from the sound that will be produced during the pronunciation of those words. In this game, one player first gives a new word. Following this, the rest of the players give out more words that rhyme with the word that was said in the beginning. The entire game is full of fun and creates humor among children.

Word Definition Game – It is a very interesting vocabulary game for children of about six years. It is really an amazing game, which enable children to make use of their imaginative power to bring out definitions for such words that has no sense, or considered nonsensical.

The Alphabet Game – Your child can play this game while in car. The game is real fun where the first player has to find such an object that will have its first letter as A. Then comes the turn of the second player who too has to look for such an object starting with the letter B. As the game continues, the fun gradually heightens among the children.

Find the Letter – It is one of the best vocabulary games that help children to enhance their vocabulary. The players search for letters that are placed in a chronological order. This makes them learn the concepts of letters.

The Word Guessing Game and A is for… are the other popular vocabulary games in stores.