Teaching Strategies

Teaching strategies are essential in making and helping a student learn in the most appropriate way. With the help of teaching strategies, a teacher can work to make a learning environment more synergistic. This they usually do by adding technicality to the learning process.

To be a good teacher, you should establish good rapport with the students. However, making this bond is not so very easy. You have to use the right strategy with the right person at the right time to be popular with your students.

Some effective teaching strategies

  • Before you start with your lessons, both mental and physiological presence of the students in your class is very important. Make the students pay attention – make sure that they are very much over there and hence start with what you have to say and explain.
  • Take a pause when you find that the attention of the class has been disrupted. Wait until they are ready to pay attention again. Complete involvement of a student is extremely important in making the lesson aptly successful.
  • One of the significant teaching strategies is that never bore or make a student feel tired with your lectures. Once you find that the students are not showing required interest stop your lecture, speak to them on a different topic and help them feel mentally relaxed. This is quite essential.
  • In case, the students are young, please do not try to teach them a lengthier lesson. Be brief in what you have to say. Young students do not have that patience to listen to long lectures. They become tired very soon. So be patient with them. The length of your lesson should always be according to the age of the student you are teaching.
  • Another among the teaching strategies is that to make your lessons more interesting and attractive you should add variety to your teaching style or otherwise teaching tends to become monotonous. However, be very careful when dealing with variety – for it should be relevant and do not in any way spoil the essence of the lesson.
  • Teaching strategies always involve making things more interesting. Remember, interest and attention is so much correlated.
  • When dealing with kids always try to add stories, songs and subjects to the lesson. This will help in making the entire thing so very interesting. They would just love to listen to you.
  • For your lesson always choose a classroom which is comparatively quiet. It is your duty to save your class from unnecessary noise and commotion.
  • Teaching strategies also involve preparation of thought provoking questions. Always ask the students questions, which will compel them to use their brains. Proper thinking will always make them more sharp and intelligent.

Your gestures should be appropriate. Correct gestures will enable you to have correct feedback. Remember, that patience, perseverance and presence of mind are the three pillars of teaching strategies.