Math Word Problems

Math word problems are required to measure a student’s capacity to decode relevant data. It also helps to evaluate and appraise a student’s aptitude to make use of his analytical and mathematical skills to find solutions to several problems. With the help of math word problems, you can associate mathematics to real life circumstances. For your information physics applications, finance applications, economics applications, surveying and various other arenas completely depend on mathematics.

Math word problems are gradually making their places in both standardized examinations and assignments of everyday life. You can make use of word problems in standardized exams like SAT, where the problems are used to explore several fields of mathematics. In fact, word problems are perfect assessment tools for a higher order of thinking.

How to solve math word problems

While dealing with math word problems, students are often asked to write down both the familiar and unfamiliar quantities, underline keywords and draw charts when necessary. The next step would be to let the student know about those particular math topics, which are associated with several word problems. Once the student gets a proper understanding of the concept, they will be able to solve a problem quickly and come up with desirable and relevant solutions.

How successfully you can solve a math word problem depends upon the proper breaking up of the word problem into an equation and then solving the equation and having a proper confirmation of the math so as not to reach to incorrect and inappropriate answers.

Trying to solve mathematics word problems is just like a constant reading for the proper identification of a plot or a theme. First, teach your students to identify the essential elements of math word problems and then consecutively assemble those elements to reach to a proper solution. To start with, the student reads the entire word problem and then goes on to search for keywords that will give a proper indication of what mathematical steps are required to reach to a proper and perfect solution.

You should always make your child understand that math word problems can involve more than one math related skills and aptitudes. However, if you do not want your child to get wrong, you ask him to work out the math word problem at least twice to check whether the answers are same.

A math word problem can also be solved with the help of math games, math activities and math software available online. However, with perfect practice and supervision, your child should know how to handle the problems carefully and efficiently. Once your child is successful in solving math word problems, he is sure to have improved abstract thinking skills and a better understanding of mathematics as a subject.