Masters Degree Education

Once upon a time, you could be assured of a high-paying job if you had any kind of college degree. Then, you had to have a four-year degree. Now, you can find many college graduates – some with multiple degrees – who are working behind cash registers with no escape in sight. One big practical advantage of a master’s degree education is that you can get the best jobs out there.

Another advantage of a master’s degree education is that you can get lucrative promotions for any professional job that you have already successfully landed. For example, if you were an electrician, chances are you already have an undergraduate degree. But with a master’s degree education, you could get a job teaching other electricians.

In some careers, you don’t have much of a choice but to continue your education. This is expected of schoolteachers, college professors, library science and those in other sciences. Some branches of law also require that sometime during the lawyer’s career they get a masters degree or they can’t be offered a partnership.

Even Queen lead guitarist Brian May found it personally rewarding to continue his education, even when rich and famous. He currently holds a doctorate in astronomy. He enjoyed the chance to delve fully into his passion. Learning what you are really interested in is another reason why people love to get mater’s degrees.

The US Census reports that those with a master’s degree education(whether from a one year or three year program) can earn $2.5 million (US) during an average work life of 40 years. Contrast this with mere 4 year college degrees (also known as bachelor degrees). They average their owners only $2.1 million.

Another advantage of continuing education is that many find the courses are easier and more enjoyable than bachelor degree courses. This is because you are more mature and know more about what you want out of life – instead of having to take what the college curriculum demands that you take. This gives you a sense of freedom and power over what courses you have to pay for.

With a master’s degree, you also get to be acknowledged as an expert in your field. Don’t be surprised if you are contacted by your local news station to comment on recent news events.