Ascension of Abdu’l Baha

The Ascension of Abdu l Baha, Baha u llah s oldest son is the day of commemorating the death of the second leader of the Baha i Faith. Abdu l Baha died on November 28, 1921. He was 77 years old at that time. On this holyday, Baha is all over the world remembers the life of Abdu l Baha and tries to re-dedicate themselves to the Baha i doctrine.

Life of Abdu l Baha

One event that made a strong impact on Abdu l Baha was the imprisonment of His Father. His family was reduced to poverty and He was attacked by the other children on the streets.

Abdu l Baha married in 1873 and had nine children. Only four of His daughters managed to survive the infancy.

Three closely-related distinctions bestowed upon Him by Baha u llah were:

  1. He was the appointed successor of Baha u llah and also the center of Baha u llah s Covenant with His followers.
  2. He also had the honor of being the authorized interpreter of His Father s Writings.
  3. Being the perfect exemplar of His Father s teachings He was emulated by all the Baha is.

Though, Abdu l Baha was not a Prophet in His own right, His writings form an integral part of the Baha I Holy Writings. The Baha is revere Him as the Master . Two of the Holy Days commemorated by the Baha is celebrate the life of the Abdu l Baha. Though, these are not days in which the Baha is are required to refrain from work.

He spent years in exile with His father and had remained imprisoned for the greater part of His life. He led the Baha i Community during His lifetime and also made some historic travels through North America and Europe in an effort to spread His Father s teachings. He was also knighted by Queen Victoria for His humanitarian services in Palestine at the time of the World War I.

Ascension Of Abdu l Baha

Abdu l Baha died on November 20th, 1920. After Baha u llah s death, the Will and Testament of Baha u llah stated that Abdu l Baha s half brother, Mirza Muhammad Ali should be the leader of the Faith. Thus, while most of the Baha is followed Abdu l Baha, a handful went on to follow Mirza Muhammad Ali.

Abdu l Baha is buried in the front room of the shrine where the Bab is also buried in Mount Carmel. Though there are plans to build a shrine for Abdu l Baha. His Will and Testament states His grandson, Shoghi Effendi Rabbani as the selected Guardian of the Baha i Faith. The Ascension of Abdu l Baha is a celebration of the rising of Abdu l Baha s spirit to the heavenly dwelling for the Baha is.