Yoga for Kids

There are many yoga centers, which exclusively organize sessions of yoga for kids to nurture their tender minds and bodies. Yoga is a very holistic technique of relaxing distracted minds and gaining composure. This helps kids develop an intimate relationship with their inner self and the surrounding world.

Yoga began in India as an ancient spiritual practice, with each position holding a certain spiritual significance. Although many people in the U.S. think that yoga is about exercise, yoga practitioners do not separate the spiritual from the physical. Learning yoga can be a good opportunity not only to increase strength, flexibility, and balance, but also to learn about a venerable spiritual system. Yoga brings a sense of intense awareness and peace to the practitioner, along with physical benefits.

You cannot deny the fact that a kid has many activities to take care of. Starting right from attending school to curriculum classes, sporting activities, etc. they have to face it all. Hence, if you expect so much from your kid, then remember that yoga for kids is indispensable to let them survive in this competitive world.

The Benefits Of Yoga for Kids

  • Yoga enhances the stamina, ability and mental balance.
  • It enables you teach the kids alphabets and numbers in a singing mode and they can learn about their body in a fun manner.
  • The songs and the chants that they practice in yoga classes improve their speaking skills.
  • Yoga strengthens the digestive system and helps get rid of various internal complexities like, gas and constipation.
  • Their memory and learning capabilities are also improved.

Speaking of the physical benefits of yoga for kids, you can be well assured of the improvements in body flexibility and strength. At the same time yoga classes rejuvenates their minds and gives them the inner strength to encounter life’s challenges with great ease.

Yoga is a non-competitive activity, which influences the thinking process and awareness that they are slowly developing. Besides, they can grow a passion for things they previously used to hate or fear. Studies have always been a major problem area, which many kids find almost impossible to cope up with. Yoga can enable them to overcome this fear/hatred; it instead, helps develop an attachment for studies.

The Yoga Postures

To get started with yoga for kids, it is important to seek the help of a right instructor. Actually, only a capable instructor can teach the right postures and tricks. Many yoga postures immensely benefit kids. Sukhasana works wonders in breathing problem. The ‘Dog’ and the ‘Cat’ yoga postures augment the body flexibility. The other yoga postures incorporate Mountain, which improves posture, self-awareness and Uttanasana II that stretches the legs and body. Trikonasana, Warrior Ii and Virabhadrasana II are other yoga postures, which strengthen the body parts.

Yoga for kids include a few more asanas like Vrikshasana Trikonasana, Janu Sirshasana, Naukasana, Bhujangasana Dhanurasana, Garudasana and many more.