World Time

On Time
This virtual exhibit, from the Smithsonian Natural History Museum, explores the history of time in the last 300 years. The changing ways we have measured and thought about time are discussed.



How Time Works
Explore some of the basics of time, including why and how we measure time, time zones, daylight savings time and the calendar.



How to Tell Time
Take a brief, colorful look at the basics of time including the first clocks, time zones and traveling in time. After you’ve explored the site, have some fun time, and take the quiz.



Latitude and Longitude
This somewhat complex explanation of latitude, longitude and time zones is more suited to older students.



This student project gives a brief history of sundials and instructions on how to make a very simple, but not very accurate, sundial.



Time Ticker
This interactive clock shows time around the world. Just slide the time zone bar to any location and the clock will immediately change to that time, and list the countries in the zone. If you want, you can choose a country and the bar will move to the appropriate zone.



A Walk Through Time – World Time Scales
The origins of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) and Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) are presented here. There are also features on the calendar, early clocks and the first mechanical clocks.



World Time Zone – Sun Clock
This world map, displaying time zones, has an overlay of the sun’s light, showing which areas have day and which have night. It is an actual clock, so if you sit and watch for long enough you will see the light moving across the globe.