World Maps


Choose from physical or political maps, and then select the country you want. You can also access facts on geography, climate people, religion, language, history and more.

World Atlas
Find a superb collection of maps and geographical information gathered from the Internet and listed at Geography at

CIA World Fact Book
Countries are listed alphabetically. These maps are clear and simple-to-read, with tabs for further information.

Flags and Maps of the World

Choose a continent and then a country, from either its name or its flag. You will be taken to the country’s flag and a simple, clear map. No facts are given. Visit the games and fun sites, too.

Infoplease Atlas

Click on a region of the world or try the map index. The maps are clear and simple, with no additional country facts.

Online Map Creation
Using the input form you can create your own maps online. Change the projection and see the difference! This is quite a challenging site, so you may need some adult assistance.

National Geographic’s Map Machine

A great tool for the older student, though it takes some time to understand all the functions. Choose from dynamic maps, atlas maps or flags and facts.

Outline Maps
This selection of outline maps for use in the classroom or at home can be printed or downloaded, for adding to homework assignments.

Working with Maps – Map Adventures
Designed with the younger student in mind (K-3), these lesson plans, based on a story with activity sheets, teach basic map reading skills.

Working with Maps – What do Maps Show?
These lesson plans and activity sheets teach map reading skills to grades 5-8.