World Coming Together

World is Not a Bad Place

Coming Together

Sometimes it seems like the world is a very bad place. Terrible things happen that
scare us and make us sad. When things like this happen, everybody in the
world is sad, not just the people it happened to. Just like at home,
when you are sad, and your Mom gives you a hug, when the world is sad,
everyone gives each other a big hug.

Of course it isn’t really everyone giving everyone a hug, people in England
can’t really hug people in America, their arms aren’t long enough! But people
all around the world are showing, in different ways, how sad they are about what
happened this week.

Countries have flown their flags at half-mast. they have held ceremonies to
show their feelings, and they have stood silent to think about all the other

People all over the world have lit candles for each other, to let everyone
know they care, and they don’t want anyone to be scared. Over the past few days
something amazing has happened, the world has become a very small place. It is
almost as if the people all around the world have held hands together.

People in every continent have shown that they care. Some of the pictures on
the television have been very scary, and you probably haven’t seen too many of
them. You can see some pictures of people around the world showing
how much they care. (This page is VERY slow to load, and you may need to hit
refresh or reload several times to see all of the pictures). None of these
pictures are scary, although they may make you sad. They show you that people
everywhere care. The world is not a bad place; it is a place where people help
each other and where people care about family, friends and complete strangers.

Just like at school, or in the playground, there will always be a few bullies
around who want to make you scared. At school and in the playground you have
many, many friends to help you and to stop you being afraid. The world is just
like that, there are a few bullies who want to make people afraid, but there are
far more of us who are friends and will stick together, so we don’t need to be
afraid of the bullies. We are all friends and will look out for each other.

How about, today, you give a friend a hug and tell them you will look out for