Weather Forecast

Around The World Climates
Click on a continent and find out whether it has a subarctic, highland, humid oceanic, or other form of climate.



What exactly is a climate? An overview with an explanation of changes in climate and examples of different climates is given.



Climate – The Introduction
There are descriptions of the seven different climatic regions of the United States, and online activities, giving basic information explaining the difference between climate and weather.



Dan’s Wild Wild Weather Page
This fun site is specially designed for kids. It has easy to understand explanations on clouds, tornadoes, humidity, wind, precipitation and much more. Check out the games and puzzles, too.



How do Hurricanes Work?
Read the simple explanation of how hurricanes form, and then learn about the radar images. There are plenty of activities, including making a pair of 3-D glasses, so you can see the pictures in 3-D.



Ice and Snow
Learn about ice and snow. What makes ice slippery and why is snow white? You can make your own snowflakes, too.



What Causes the Earth to Experience Different Seasons
Simple explanations and clear graphics demonstrate why we have seasons.



What Forces Affect our Weather?
This simple explanation of the forces affecting our weather includes explanations of the atmosphere, the water cycle, powerful storms and ice and snow. There is also a section on our changing climate.