Viking History

The Vikings were a fascinating people.
Although they are well known for their bloodthirsty raiding and killing, there
was so much more to their culture. They contributed many, many things to the
world. They were also the BEST sailors of their time. No one could out sail them!

As you study the Vikings you will learn they were much more than barbarians and
eventually did much to spread the gospel. So get out your notebooks and get
ready to have some fun and learn some new things too!

The Viking era lasted from about the early 700’s A.D. to 1000 A.D. They ruled
the seas for about 250 years.

During the early time frame they were like many
other countries, unlearned and barbaric in their actions. But a lot of this
changed with time and as they explored and learnt new things through other
cultures. But in many ways they were ahead of the times also. They traveled to
places others had never heard about or could never hope to see.