Viking Dress

Vikings dressed according to their wealth. The
richer ones often wearing clothes that showed the styles in the countries they
had visited.

The children wore simple smocks and tunics.

The women wore a simple undershift with long
sleeves and an “apron” that was made of two rectangular pieces of
cloth. The back piece had strings that attached to the front with brooches.
Often the brooches were connected with beads. The women also carried a chain or
belt with important things attached to it, like their eating knife, an ear
scoop, keys, etc.

The men wore long tunic type shirts with leggings of wool and boots sometimes
made from seal hides or shoes of leather. They wrapped they leggings around
their legs with cloth or leather. They wore cloaks pinned with huge brooches
always thrown back away from the sword arm.

Viking men loved jewelry as well as the women. Both men and women would have
worn brooches, armbands, etc .