Themed Writing Paper

Themed writing is a literary work that conveys an outlook to some aspect of life. The theme is the focal thought that the author expresses in the form of an opinion or an issue about human life and experience. The author may have his own exclusive views, which not every reader may see eye to eye. However, no matter how subjective the treatment maybe, a genuine themed writing will throw light on some reality of human life.

Do not confuse between the subject and the theme of an article. The former is the topic that the author writes about. On the other hand, the latter shows his viewpoint about some aspect of life that the article deals with. A literary treatise may have both a subject and a theme.

The Procedure for Themed Writing

    1. Selection
      • The topic of the article should ideally be something you are familiar with


      • It should be your point of interest
      • It should not be too broad
      • A specialized topic is better
    1. Overall plan

Brainstorm and put all your ideas down in paper in a point format, using keywords not entire sentences. Do it right when the ideas strike you.

    1. Article order

Check the ideas for common points and group them accordingly. Use markers to strike out ideas you reject on second thought. Then prioritize and organize the ideas you have finally selected.

    1. Paragraph plan
      • Give special attention to the first paragraph and the last paragraph. The first paragraph must have words and sentences that inspire the reader to read on.
      • The last sentence in the opening paragraph is the termed the “thesis statement” or “topic sentence”. It introduces the reader to what your writing will deal with. Create this statement by analyzing the common point of the ideas of your themed article.
      • The concluding paragraph again contains your main idea. It must briefly reassert the central idea and must be thought provoking.


    1. Body basics

The body of the article carries all ideas that are left after the first and the last paragraph. These are the information details and opinions that expand on your theme.

    1. Sentence structure

The opening sentence of every paragraph in the body of your article is the topic sentence. That is, it communicates what the paragraph will deal with and relates to the thesis statement. Elaborate every topic statement in the article via two facts, two precise details and examples.

    1. Longer themes and term paper policy

All you need to do is elaborate on the theme.

    1. Avoid clichés

Try to cut out all clichés like “My paper will deal with”, “In conclusion”, “To sum up”, etc.

Be ingenious and individual and your themed writing is sure to be a success.