Teaching University

Pursuing a career as a teacher has been the hopes and dreams of some for decades. It has always been seen as a highly respected profession and those who enter into this field of study at a teaching university unique.

Observations have found that those who choose to enter a teaching university are typically more females than males and or more likely to have attended a small high school. These students are looking to obtain the necessary skills needed to have a long career in this profession of helping students learn.

Students that choose to attend a teaching university have a sense of dedication toward education and the educating of others. They feel that there is no greater reward than to give students the needed tools to take them as far as they want to go and in some cases farther than they could possibly imagine.

However, some had initially shied away from entering into the teaching profession opting for higher paying careers yet the desire to teach is still there. Many who initially chose to enter on a different career path are starting to return to their first love of wanting to teach. To accommodate those who have retired, they can now enter into a career switcher program at a teaching university to obtain their credentials to teach.

Stay- at- home moms whose children have now entered into school full time are now opting to attend a teaching university. The hours of work still allows them to work and be home with their children after school is over. The choice to teach at this time has mainly stemmed from caring for and teaching their own children while at home; starting a teaching career will allow them to continue doing what they love while contributing to the household in a monetary way. The choice to become a teacher has and continues to be rewarding to those who seek to help others in the learning process.