St. Patrick’s Day Activity

Saint Patrick’s Day celebrated on the 17th of March calls for St. Patrick Day activity. It commemorates St. Patrick, the benefactor saint of Ireland. The people of the Republic of Ireland, the foreign terrain of Montserrat and Newfoundland together with Labrador of Canada and some parts of U.S.A celebrate this day to its full glory. It is an Irish festival as 17th March is a national holiday there. The day is rejoiced by way of wearing green, consuming Irish food and imbibing Irish drink and it goes without saying, attending parades. Let’s explore what it takes to make crafts as regards St. Patrick Day activity.

The ideas for St. Patrick Day activity are simple and easy to implement. They require easily available home materials like egg cartons, cardboard, paper, boxes, string, crayons, paint, glue, etc. One of the many activities is the simple project of the Blarney Stone craft.

Blarney Stone is a well-known stone in southwestern Ireland. It goes like this, that if you plant a kiss on the Blarney Stone you will derive the gift of articulacy. Now all you need to do is wash the rock and paint it green. To add that shimmering effect use glitter, sequins, beads, plastic jewels, googly eyes, bits of yarn, or other similar stuff. Bring in some minutiae using markers.

Your project can get as interesting as a potato face. Yes, an adorable potato head can be made out of just a brown paper grocery bag and construction paper. Give a potato shape to the grocery bag or construction paper and keep it large. The eyes portions are cut out and the other features viz. a nose, a mouth, hair, a bowtie are affixed on it with the help of glue.

You can also make a rainbow Jello for St. Patrick’s Day. You will have to begin with preparing red Jello as per the instructions and pour some in a transparent plastic glass. Once the red Jello sets in, go in with the different colors one after the other, your rainbow Jello is ready.

Handprint rainbow is one such activity that you can’t miss. Here, the handprints of many children constitute a beautiful rainbow. It would be an ideal thing for classroom beautification or bulletin board. Thing you need to do is take different colored construction papers and trace the hands of the respective children. The handprints are then cut out and pasted on a paper that is in the shape of a rainbow. In this way, your handprint rainbow is ready. And, beyond that, you can also look forward to the making of the tiny leprechaun hat for St. Patrick’s Day.

St. Patrick Day activity would be more exciting if you follow the above tips.