Spelling Worksheets

Spelling mistake is quite common among children and the best way to improve on their spellings is through spelling worksheets. Spelling and writing words correctly provides a strong base for a successful academic career by giving children good spelling practice. However, what makes the spelling activity worksheets indispensable is the fact that they simplify spelling learning.

Spelling Worksheets and Fun

Spelling based worksheets can be effectively used by parents and teachers to help children master spelling skills as they present innovative ways that make spelling learning an easy task, more fun than any serious pursuit.

Activity based spelling language worksheets differ depending on the age and ability of the child. Teachers/parents can also customize spelling activity worksheets on the computer in a manner to make them more interesting and challenging. You can base your worksheets on dissimilar fun spelling activities – Alphabetical Order, Crosswords, Decoding, Hidden Letters, Magic Squares, Missing Letters, Multiple choice, Word Jumbles, Word Searches, and the like. Even a reluctant child will benefit from these worksheets.

Making Spelling Worksheets – Help For Guides

While you are framing the spelling worksheets, you should focus on the objectives of the lesson plans and the learning requirements of the children. Stepwise learning develops a strong foundation for the students and helps them have a better grip on tough spellings; you should, resort to simple and systematic methods.

Thus, when you are preparing worksheets for the pre-school children, you must try to make the worksheets attractive, colorful. This will get them hooked. For initial exercises, you can opt for two letter words like ME or AT. Then, the spellings can be a bit more advanced like, CAT, HAT, MAT and so on. Then, the words can change to MAN, MAP, MAT and the like to ensure a child’s steady progress. To give a better familiarity with the content, you can relate the meaning to the child through sketches/pictures.

Speaking of the format of the worksheets for the beginners, you can design three different spelling worksheets. Let the first worksheet have a picture with the word identifying the picture written beside it; the child will have to spell and write the word three times in the blanks beneath. The next worksheet can have the word written once so that the student has to write it two times. In the third worksheet, only have the picture inserted; the child will have to remember and write the word three times in the three blanks.

When designing spelling worksheets for advanced learners, let them have a vivid concept about the sounds of the words, because the best way of learning spellings is from phonetics. This entails reading activities as well – you can break down the words and read them aloud to the child. Instead of handing a list of spellings, do anything your child likes with the spelling worksheets; this will spark their interest and they will learn faster.

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