Spanish Words

The Spanish words have originated from the roots of a romantic language named Spanish. The Spanish language is known to have originated from the Northern region of Spain. Today, nearly four hundred million people speak Spanish in the whole world. It was also one of the most important among the six official languages of the United States. Apart from Spain, Spanish is also spoken in most of the Latin American countries. It has been found that Spanish is largely spoken in Mexico. However, there are about twenty-one countries where Spanish is considered as the primary language.

There are few Spanish words related with greetings. For instance, “Please” in English is spoken as Por Favor in Spanish, “Thank You” is spoken as Gracias, “Sorry” as Disculpe and “Excuse Me” as Con Permiso. It is also important for you to know the Spanish word if someone needs help from a person. For example, “Yes” is pronounced in Spanish, as Si and “Do you speak English” in Spanish would be Habla usted ingles.

The words in Spanish are quite interesting to listen and here comes a list of such words for the numbers. Zero will be spoken as cero in Spanish, one as uno, two as dos, three as tres, four as cuatro and so on. If these Spanish words can be learned, you will nearly complete the basics of Spanish. You will simply love to learn the language better because Spanish is considered as one of the most enjoyable languages in the world.

When you will come to interact with some Latin American individual, you should be aware of some of the Spanish greeting words as well as the basic ones. Learning Spanish is not a difficult task. If you practice these Spanish words daily, then you will not face any problem in interacting with a Spanish person. There are no hard and fast rules through which you can learn Spanish. There is a system, which allows you to communicate with someone in Spanish using one hundred and thirty eight Spanish words while communicating.

“What is your name” will be spoken as Como te llamas; “my name” as Mi llama, “floor” as piso, “kitchen” as la cocina, “room” as domitorio and so on. There are more complex Spanish terms for simple words such as I am as Soy; I was as fui; you were as fuiste; we are as somos etc. You must be thinking that learning Spanish is not so easy. However, if you concentrate on the language, it will hardly take much time for you to get hold of the difficult Spanish words.

You will have to use much of your memorization power to grasp the language and to strengthen your Spanish vocabulary. If you just take out three minutes from your busy schedule and spend those in memorizing the Spanish word, you are bound to become a good Spanish learner. Get a piece of paper and write down the English words along with the Spanish translated words at the side. Try not to learn more than twenty words and do not force upon yourself to mug up Spanish words.

Spanish is a wonderful language and learning the Spanish words is even more enjoyable.