Social Studies

September 11, 2001
This unit tries to answer some of the questions asked by children about the tragic events of Sptember 11, and their aftermath. It does not express any political or religious opinions, but merely answers questions like “Why do we fly flags at half-mast?, What does the rest of the world think?”. It also gives background information on community helpers. As events unfold, more articles will be added.
Parents, Please Read!
This unit will focus on helping our children understand some of the events of the past months. When I first put this unit up, advertising was switched off. However, as it is no longer the primary unit, I have reactivated advertisements.
Let’s Play Ostrich
Although everyone has heard that ostriches stick their heads in the ground it isn’t true. However, “Playing Ostrich” is a term people use to mean pretending something isn’t happening or ignoring it. It’s OK to want to play Ostrich sometimes. Sometimes things happen that are just too painful to think about. Even grownups have a hard time with it.
Native North Americans: The Effects of Colonization
Flags are used to symbolize many different things. Each of the elements in the flag represents something special. For example, each of the stars in the flag of the United States represents one of the States. The way a flag is displayed can also symbolize something special. A flag flown upside-down is a sign of great distress, and a flag flown at half-mast is a sign of mourning.
The World is Not a Bad Place: Coming Together
Sometimes it seems like the world is a very bad place. Terrible things happen that scare us and make us sad. When things like this happen, it affects the whole world, not just the people it happened to. People around the world join together in sadness, and want to show just how much they care.
Community Helpers #1: Who Are They?
In the last few weeks, community helpers have been in the news a lot. We have heard stories about firemen, police officers, paramedics, medical personnel and construction workers. All of them have been helping the community. Community helpers include many more than these people, though. To know what a community helper is, first you need to know what a community is.