Snowflake Impressions

Capture a snowflake and keep it!

Through this activity you can not only look at the
beauty of individual snowflakes but keep one of you own! A fun winter activity
for kids of all ages.


  • a large piece of glass – An 8 x 10 picture frame works
  • can of hairspray
  • magnifying glass
  • snow


You need to watch the weather for when it is going to
snow because both the glass and the hair spray need to be chilled. Placing both
in your freezer for about an hour before you are going to catch your snowflakes
works well.

When the snow is falling, take your glass and hairspray
outside. Hold the can about 10 inches from the glass and spray with a quick
sweeping motion. Spray from side to side once, then up and down. Use very little
spray. Only spray for a second or two.

Collect some snowflakes on the sprayed glass.

Take the glass indoors and let dry for 15 to 20
minutes. Check out your results with a magnifying glass. You should be able to
see ice crystals.