Shareware Games

Shareware games have become a new wonder in the gaming world. It is an innovation in the world of computer games. Shareware games are the small fun games that are usually bought over the internet and are available at throwaway prices – quite cheaper than the box games that you find in high street stores.

These games are innovative, unique and very much similar as game demos but these shareware games allow you to download the full version straight away rather than a demo, which consists of few levels. Here the capabilities of the games are often ‘locked’ that means you can easily play games or enjoy its certain levels as much as you like.

Why Shareware Games So Different From Others?

The shareware games that are usually bought over the internet allow you to download a full version straightaway rather than a demo. It is completely different from the high street games as they are very much designed for the internet and you do not have to ship it on a CD. No needs to worry about the download options as these types of games are very small and you can easily download them even on 56k modem. These games are below 10MB and lots of them are below 30 MB.

These games are very much different to the big first person shooter games that we see at stores. Moreover, as these computer games are generally made by one person, there you will find no big publisher to dictate. These types of shareware games are always ready to cater to the niche markets or in displaying some radical and original ideas. Due to tiny marketing budgets, these types of games are going gaga over the whole markets. Therefore, no more time wasting just have these shareware games and feel the difference.

Shareware is often a great means for games that lacks traditional marketing and retail exposure. The shareware developers are computer programmers, who take a risk on the part of product entrepreneurs. You will discover that these shareware distributions are really a great way of publishing games for smaller developers. It will give you a chance to play before investing money in it. Introduction of The kingdom of Kroz series and Apogee are the episodic shareware models that became the most popular incentive for buying the game.

In some cases, you will know that these episodes are neatly integrated. These often look like a longer version of the game. However, free software from Bulletin Board System [BBS] was the motive force for the consumers to purchase a computer-equipped modem to avail the software at no cost.

So frankly speaking, what distinguishes a shareware game from other game demos is its completeness. With its uniqueness, you will explore that these shareware games have many hours of play with a beginning, middle and end, in comparison to single level modern demos.