Second Grade

The second grade science curriculum had been devised in a way to enable your children eliminate all fears of the subject, without having to worry much. When the child opens the book, it is full of facts and figures, which makes it more boring. Hence, it is not about what your child learns, but how your child learns really matters. So, when your child is in the second grade he/she should be introduced to the subject in such a manner that the process will enable to spark his/her imaginative capabilities.

How to chalk out the second grade science curriculum

Approach the subject in multi-dimensional process and make it more experimental, so that your child picks up the practical way of understanding the subject, rather than merely reading straight from the book. As your child gradually goes through a chapter, encourage him/her to apply experiments so that he/she can have a clear demonstration of what is going on in the lesson. Hence, it can be said that learning through activities is the best way to render knowledge about the subject.

For example, let your child plant a seed for real and let it grow. This is going to be a time consuming process, but the experience will be worth the effort. Allow your child to think for him/herself and apply his/her head to find a better way of unwinding the complexities of the subject. You can make it more interesting by asking your child a few interesting questions like what kinds of food the fish eat. Encourage him/her to think by asking what kind of food people like to have in dinner. Only then, the answer will be more spontaneous.

Remember that children in 2nd grade have inquisitive mind and better receptive capability. Therefore, if things are placed in a comprehensive manner, then they will be able to understand things better. The second grade science is a matured level of the first grade and it depends a lot on interaction. Your friendly way of communicating the subject, from a lighter perspective will help your child grasp the subject faster and quicker.

What a second grade student should know about Science

Second graders should possess the ability to identify life cycle, learn the relationships between earth, moon and other planetary systems, describe food chains and habitats, cycle of life, seasons, insects, learn the law of magnetism and much more.

Performing experiments form a major role in learning the second grade science. More so, record observations in writing and reading will enable a child to have a clear concept about the subject, without any problem. Remember, that the second grade is a tender age and at this age, there is something more important than learning facts. Acquiring some basic skills is indispensable to grab the subject with much ease later on. Such skills include observations, planning, asking questions, communicating and experiencing.

Therefore, by the beginning of the second grade science, your child should be able to identify and describe water bodies and marine life, categorize living and non-living things, make observation and recognition, understand the varieties of earth materials, and describe the life stages.