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This month we concentrate on Earth Sciences. What causes the seasons? This series of articles is designed to teach, in easy steps, the cause of the seasons. Enjoy fun experiments and activities while learning at the same time!

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Earth Science

Life Science

Four Seasons
What factors influence the four seasons?
Earth’s Tilt
A simple explanation of Earth’s tilt and what effects it has.
Earth’s Orbit
How the earth moves around the sun.
Direct and Indirect light
How the angle that sunlight strikes the earth has a effect on the seasons
What Causes the Seasons
How the various factors combine to cause the seasons.
Animal Classification
How are animals classified? A simple look at classification. Intended for grades 2-4.
Animals and Adaptation.
What adaptations help an animal survive in its environment? 
A brief look at some animals.

Penguin Facts

Sea Turtles


Scientific Terminology

Physical Science

Ology” and “Onomy” Terms in Science
Have you ever wondered what all those “ology” and “onomy” names mean? Look no further, the answer is here.


What is Light?
At first, it seems like a simple enough question; but is it?

What is Color?
Another of those deceptive questions. Color is not all that it seems.

Online Classes

If you like our articles on animals, why not join our  online classes? Each is packed with a wealth of information, activities, worksheets, assignments and quizzes.Animal Antics Level 1, is intended for children in grades 2-4. It includes simple classification, how to make a notebook to record your findings, and examples of animals from different groups.

Animal Antics Level 2, looks at animals, their habitat and adaptations. A more detailed form of classification is given. This is intended for students who have taken the first course, or who are in grades 5-7.

Meet the Scientists 1, is a different approach to learning science. Learn about some scientists and what they discovered.