Science Biology

The word biology in the term science biology has come from Greek – bio means “life”; and logos means “to talk about life”. Science biology is in one word the scientific way of studying life. Through biology, you come to know how life originated on earth and gave way to unicellular organisms. Biology analyzes the structure, function, growth, origin, evolution and distribution of things that are living on earth. Biology assorts and identifies several organisms and their functions. It also relates how species came into being and their personal interaction with nature. However, the foundation of modern biology pillars on four basic unifying principles and they are cell theory, evolution, genetics and homeostasis.

It was in the nineteenth century when science biology evolved as a separate science and for the first time scientists concluded that organisms do share fundamental characteristics. Science biology has now become a standard instructional subject in several schools and universities in various parts of the world. Every year more than a million papers are published stating biological secrets in a number of biological and medical journals. However, these journals have played a major role in creating biological awareness among common public.

It is important for you to know that biology is a specialized discipline. Conventionally, they are categorized based on the type of organism you are studying. For example, when you are studying botany it means you are studying about plants, when you are studying zoology you are studying about animals and in microbiology, you are trying to know more about microorganisms. There are several specialized branches of science biology. Some of these branches are:

  • Biochemistry – The subject, which deals with the fundamental chemistry of life.
  • Molecular biology – This is all about the complex interactions of systems of biological molecules.
  • Cellular biology – This deals with the basic building block of all life forms – the cell.
  • Physiology – This tells you more about the physiological and chemical performances of the tissues and organ systems of an organism.
  • Ecology – This lets you know that how several organisms interrelate with their surrounding environment.

As you unlock the world of science biology, the secrets of life are revealed one after another thereby making you biologically aware.