School Certificate

If the folly of youth is tempting you to drop out without earning your high school certificate, it is time to think again! Sure, it sounds enticing to finally be rid of the drudgery of classes, homework, pressure from parents and peers, not to mention the constant nagging of teachers and school administrators, but when comparing dollars to donuts, it is worthwhile to look around and realize that life as a high school dropout is not exactly a cakewalk either.

For starters, any job you might even consider applying for will indeed ask for your high school certificate. This is not so much a matter of believing that only a high school education will qualify you for any given job, but instead it is a testament to your willingness and ability to stick out a trying time and buckle down and study when needed. At the same time, it is the business’ little nudge that lets them know that you might be the candidate for advancement!

Dropping out of school without a high school certificate is a costly mistake not only because of the job opportunities you will lose but also because eventually you will recognize that there is a dire need for this achievement. It is then that you will decide you want to go ahead and get your GED or maybe even go back to night school, but at this point in time you will need to not only pay for this privilege, but also juggle a job and quite possibly a family of your own.

When you consider that you could save yourself all of this trouble simply by staying in school and earning that high school certificate, is it not worth it to grit your teeth just a little longer? You will be glad you did!