Reading Comprehension Worksheets

Improve your child’s reading skills, by handing him/her the reading comprehension worksheets. When a child learns to read, it is not possible for him/her to comprehend the whole text. They encounter many unknown words, which have to be explained to them and it is precisely here that the reading comprehension worksheets play a role.

Reading Comprehension Worksheets – What is it and why it is important?

The worksheets are not meant merely for reading. Just understanding the meaning of each line is not the objective. A child must be made to comprehend the import of the text overall. For this, he/she needs to have the ability to know and use strategies before, after and also during the course of reading so as to comprehend the inherent meaning of the matter.

The secondary, middle and high school students should possess the ability to understand the text properly, because they have to take care of extensive readings in content area classes. Students should read the text repetitively to best grasp the meaning of the content, the structure of the reading material, how the ideas are inter-related and the inner meaning they convey.

Reading Comprehension Worksheets – Types

  • Directed Reading Worksheets – The directed reading comprehension worksheets have ‘match the following’, ‘short answer exercises’ and ‘fill in the blank’ assignments.
  • Active Reading Guide Worksheets – It emphasizes on recognizing cause and effect, reading effectively and many more.

Reading Comprehension Worksheets – Some important guidelines for teachers/parents

Before going through the ‘reading comprehension worksheets’, it is crucial to focus on the purpose of the reading. The student should be made to utilize his/her background knowledge to establish connection with the topic of the text. To enrich their knowledge, you (as a mentor) should introduce to your students the key vocabulary related to the text, prior to reading.

While a student is reading the text, he/she should follow the self-questioning strategies, in order to analyze how much they have understood the text. You can even let them refer to text guides, which can facilitate in proper understanding of the text matter. Teach them strategies, which can be used to understand the text with the least difficulty.

After they have finished reading the text, furnish a few questions related to the text. Also let them judge themselves by using the self-questioning strategies. A student should be able to narrate the gist of the content, if they understand the text properly.

What you can you do to let them retain the inherent meaning of the text?

The retaining ability of the students can differ. The reading comprehension worksheets cannot be customized according to any such particular rule, which can enable the student to retain. However, if a student has strong reading capabilities and a brief knowledge about the text prior to their reading, then this can enhance retaining ability. Bookmarks also help in retaining. They can jot down the questions and answers from the text on the bookmark; of course, you will need to maintain separate bookmarks for each chapter.

You can refer to the guidebooks, leveled books, lesson plans to help your child or student understand the text thoroughly; however, to enhance the effectiveness and pleasure of reading, buy your child the reading comprehension worksheets.