Online Courses

We have a number of online courses up and running, and
have plenty more in the pipeline.

Get your education through our online education database and get your degree at your convenience from home or anywhere else you have Internet access.

All of the courses can be taken by adults wanting ideas
on what to do with their kids. Some of the courses are specifically designed for
kids. Children under the age of 13 may only take these courses if an adult signs
them up and takes the class with them. Browse through the titles and see if any
interest you.

to Teach Using Unit Studies

This is an extremely popular class, run by Belinda
Mooney. Belinda has 7 kids (no, not a typo!) and years of experience as a
homeschooler. This class teaches you how to plan, research and implement a unit
study. So far, well over 300 students have enrolled in the class. Many have completed it,
and all have found it useful and fun!

Antics 1 ~ Level 1

Another really popular course. This one is done
by Belinda and Hanan Ammar. Hanan is a science major, second grade class teacher
and Mom to five inquisitive girls. Learn how to teach about different animals to
children using a variety of fun lessons and projects. Classroom resources are
for 2nd to 4th grade level children. There are many children taking the course,
but remember children under 13 must have an adult take the course with them.

a Unit Study

This course, run by Belinda, is packed with loads of
information and activities on the Vikings. Take the course for ideas on how to
teach your kids about Vikings, or sign the kids up to take it!

the Scientists 1

This course, run by Belinda and contributed to by Hanan,
demonstrates a different way of approaching science. Learn about science through
the lives of the men and women who lived it. The course is designed for students
grade 5 and up, but you can adapt it for younger kids.

Antics 1 ~ Level 2

This course, run by Hanan and contributed to by Belinda,
takes a more in depth look at animals. Learn about habitats and adaptations as
you learn about the animals.