Music Math

Music math can be considered as the most innovative method to represent musical ideas. Music theorists often use mathematics to explain musical structures, and to communicate new ways of hearing music. This has ultimately led to the musical applications of set theory, abstract algebra, and number theory.

With the advancement of electronics and computer-generated sound in music industry, you will find that music math is becoming even more useful to many musicians. These days’ music scholars have started using mathematics to understand the musical scale. Moreover, some composers have started incorporating the golden ratio and numbers in their work of art.

Nowadays mathematical ideas are applied to all musical instruments to help designers produce the most enjoyable music possible. You will find that by taking little help from mathematics musicians are using trifle objects to produce some harmonious sound. Even, legendary Greek mathematician, Pythagoras used numbers to model everything in physical world including music.

Blend of music and math to create harmony

Music can be thought of as organized sound. These days music theorist often use music math to understand music structure and communicating new ways of hearing music. To analyze music and other sounds, music scholars are constantly experimenting with mathematics to understand different musical scales. Here are some music math theories that most music composers incorporate to develop their work of art.

Music has great connection to abstract algebra. Expanding on the methods of musical set theory, many theorists have used abstract algebra to analyze music.

Music is associated with transformational theory. This concept is a branch of music theory developed by David Lewin that allows great generality, as it emphasizes great transformations between musical objects rather than music objects themselves.

Music has great connections to set theory. Musical set theory uses some of the concepts from mathematical set theory to organize musical objects. Using musical set theory, one usually starts with a set of tones that helps in forming motives or chords. Applying transportation and inversion technique one can easily discover deep structures in music.

Music has great connection to number theory also. It emphasizes modern interpretation of just intonation that is fully based on fundamental theorem of arithmetic.

Therefore, it is clear from the fact that to understand the musical structure and to communicate new ways of hearing music, music math plays a vital role. They are interwoven and interlinked in such a way that you cannot think of one without thinking of the other. Backed by a long success story, most music scholars are still taking the help of music math to invent fresh structures in music.