Mother’s Day

Mother s Day gives us the opportunity to show that we care for the greatest gift of God. It is one of the most famous celebrations around the world.

The celebration for Mother s day occurs on the second Sunday of May. Mothers are honored with gifts, flowers and greeting cards on this day. You must make your mother feel special for being the most understanding, loving, caring and kind-hearted person in your life. For mothers, it is a great and unique feeling to be remembered by their children on Mother s day.

The mother s day is a concept today, which is commercialized and heavily marketed across the world.

The History of the Celebration

The Greeks in the ancient days had a spring festival, which honored the mother of gods and goddesses, Rhea. They combined the celebration with drinks, flowers and honey cakes. The ancient Romans once honored the mother goddess, Cybele. However, the Celts honored the mothers by starting the celebrations with the first milk of the ewes.

Later, in the early seventeenth century, the Britons came up with the Mothering Sunday. It was actually the fourth Sunday of the Lent. This holiday was for the servants, who were able to visit their mothers back at home with a special mothering cake.

Mother s Day and its evolution in the United States

Mothers Day in the United States started due to the efforts of three women. Julia Ward Howe wanted to issue a peace manifesto at an international peace conference in 1870. She was promoting the concept of mother s day for peace in 1872. This idea of Mother s Day for Peace was eventually carried on for 30 years.

Anna Reeves Jarvis began the Mothers Work Days in 1858. This was an effort to improve the safety and health conditions of the workers. At the time of the Civil War, Jarvis promoted the concept of Mothers Day. On the death of Mrs. Jarvis, her daughter also sharing her mother s name, Anna, carried forth her mother s work and ultimately established a day to honor mothers. In her mother s memory, Anna Jarvis distributed white carnations to all the mothers attending her mother s church in West Virginia at 1907.

The next year, Anna Jarvis mother s church had an annual Sunday service for honoring all the mothers. Though it was unsuccessful, the sunny side is that the first bill for recognizing Mother s day as a holiday was presented before the US Senate. Anna Jarvis even gave up her job for this cause. However in 1909, Mother s day was already being observed by other countries, which even included Mexico and Canada. Finally in 1914, the President Woodrow Wilson effectively signed a resolution that established Mother s day in the US as a national holiday. The government put focus on the women s role in the families through this day. Anna Jarvis ultimately died due to poverty in 1848.

The Celebration day

The celebration for Mother s day includes pampering your mother with providing her breakfast in bed. Daughters and even sons can opt for a calm place to enjoy some coffee and conversation with their mothers; this proves to be an excellent bonding.

You can either take your mom out for dinner or can choose the better option of preparing a sumptuous meal for her. Even if your mother is far away from you, you can still have a chat online or through the phone.

The bottom line is that mothers should be made to feel special on this day. You have to ensure that your mother is enjoying herself. Mother s Day is a sentimental day and the best day for making your mother feel very special, by showering her with boundless love and making her feel on top of the world.

Every mom loves Mothers day. Who wouldn’t love getting a gift of mothers day flowers? There’s other types of Mothers Day gift such as chocolate and gift certificates. Show your love and get your mother something nice for mothers day.