Mother’s Day Poems

Nothing can be more special and exciting than mother’s day poems to gift your mother on this special occasion of love and affection. Mother’s day poems are especially chosen or composed so that they can make the mothers smile, as they feel touched to hear or read those beautiful words of adoration. Praising mothers is like ‘latria’ in everybody’s life. Mother’s day poems for your dear mom will make that bonding all the more strong and special.

Just a gift is not enough – choose some lovely words knotted in a poem to go with it. As your mother receives the gift, those shining words will make her happy and contented. If you are not a poet, do not worry. The internet has lots and lots of mother’s day poems to help you. Tell your mom those words, which you have always wanted her to know. “I love you mom” – yes there are great many ways you can speak this line using flaunting yet genuine words of affection.

However, the best thing would always be to create your own words and write them down in a piece of paper. You can write something like this:

Makes me smile when I am sad,
Orders me to behave when I am bad,
Teaches me to be the best in everything,
Heals my pain as she laughs and sings,
Everywhere and in everything, she is with me,
Relief, yes she is a relief, I can say with glee.”

Mother’s day poems are indeed special poems because they are meant not only for the person whom you love – they are meant for somebody for whom you exist.

“Yes, my mother is my life
And my reason to survive”

You can even write mother’s day poems in the form of a prayer. It is true that you do not need a special day to pray for your mother, but you can write a poem thanking God for sending a savior (mother) on earth to protect you, to look after you, to guide you and pamper you as you wind your way through the streets of life, and celebrate mother’s day.

“All that I am or ever hope to be, I owe to my angel Mother.” Yes, these are the words by the famous Abraham Lincoln for he knew the true essence of a mother. Remember, the real motto behind mother’s day poems is not to prove how poetical or lyrical you are, but to share some unique words with the person who has taught you the meaning of life.