Mexican Independence Day

It would be quite interesting to talk about the Mexican Independence Day. Mexico borders the south western part of the United States. It is the largest country in the Western Hemisphere. The capital of Mexico is Mexico City. The natural description of the land would be something very diverse. Deserts, mountains, rain forests and beaches surround the Mexican terrain.

The population of Mexico is basically the mixture of Indian and Spanish. There is no indigenous race as such; the blend between Indians and Spanish are predominant. They have successfully integrated into the native culture of Mexico.

The History Behind The Mexican Independence

Towards the end of the Eighteenth century, Mexico faced a remarkable shift in social milieu. During this period, the middle and the upper class of Mexico began to question the long established norms of society. They started demanding for freedom of speech and a representative government. They too fought against the ceaseless power of the church. They sought to reject the values of the past and demanded complete independence from the Spanish colonizers.

Father Hidalgo supported the Mexican people in their struggle for independence. On 15th September, he called the countrymen to be gathered at a particular place and with his fiery words inspired them to fight.

The battle between the followers of Hidalgo and the Spanish force took place at Guanajuato. It was here, when Father Hidalgo was captured and executed. Ultimately the Mexicans did manage to secure independence.

The Mexican Independence Day is celebrated across the country with a great pomp and feast. The celebrations begin on 15th September, which is the eve of independence. On this day, people gather at the Zocalos (The meeting place). At eleven o clock, the countrymen wait for the President to come and wish them Happy Independence . The President comes to the balcony and rings the celebrated Liberty bell , which Father Hidalgo once rang in order to call people. The President addresses the countrymen by shouting Viva Mexico , Viva Independencia , and the crowd imitates the same, greeting the president back.

The Celebrations On The Mexican Independence Day

All major roads of the country get richly decked with flags of red, white and green colors. Green symbolizes peace and red symbolizes union. These colors are also used to decorate the streets during the Independence Day Fiesta . People come from different corners to sell various objects, such as, confetti, whistles, horns, toys, colors and food items.

The countrymen celebrate the day by various colorful practices as racing, bull fighting, horseback riding and so on. The three colors of the Mexican flag (Red, White and Green) are very important in the celebration. Every year, on 16th September, the Mexicans recall the valuable speeches of Father Hidalgo. On the night of 15th September, as the president completes addressing the crowd, he rings the bell, waves the flag and the National Anthem is sung. There can also be seen various performances by the Mexican students and rock stars.

The history behind the Mexican Independence Day is thus a burning example of patriotism , bravery and sacrifice .

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