Math Teaching

Encouraging your child to enjoy math is a giant responsibility and here lies the importance of appropriate math teaching. Declining math standards among school students is a common complaint from both parents and teachers. Faced with this, disturbing trend one needs to suggest an immediate change in math teaching process, in order to keep math phobia at bay.

We have made mathematics a much-feared subject by taking the fun out of it. Learners find it difficult to relate to their real lives. Students remain unaware of the practical utility of math in their lives. However, in reality, mathematics can be confusing or an enjoyable one, depending the way you teach mathematics. The current methods of math teaching have been chiefly instrumental in fostering such attitudes.

Motivate students through perfect math teaching

Now, math can be a dull subject. Therefore, to motivate students; math must be made interesting to them. Learning math must be enjoyable. You can do that only when they can relate math to their lives and realize the benefits of learning the subject. They must be informed that mathematics is indispensable for sheer existence.

You can demonstrate them how mathematics enters our lives whether we like it or not. It is every where. Nobody can live a decent life without knowing at least elementary math. To calculate your income tax you need math, to find out how much you have to pay the grocer you must know addition, to check whether you’ve got back the correct change you need subtraction. The ultimate aim should be to let the student know how he stands to be short-changed if he does not know the basics of math.

Just tell your students about the thousands of careers available nowadays to aspiring workers or professionals. Ask them to chalk out a profession where math is not needed and wait for their response. This way, just make them feel the value of math in today’s life and bring a welcome change.

Math teaching is all about knowing the right tactics

Math teaching is all about introducing real life situation. Focus on basics first. Make sure the student learns well the four most basic mathematical operations viz. addition, subtraction, multiplication and division otherwise it will be difficult to graduate to higher stages. You will never get him interested in mathematics by scolding and nagging. Math teaching is all about patience and perseverance. Ask him to help you with your bills where he will have to do both additions and subtraction and perhaps a little multiplication. Ask him to do some shopping and check whether he’s paid the right amount. As far as possible involve him in all tasks involving calculations. This way he becomes aware of the importance of math in our lives and his interest in math doubles.

Children learn math faster when playing math games like monopoly. Provide your child with such games taking care that the math is not too hard. Learning is more effective when the games blend with their homework.

Math tutoring can also be of great help, especially if both parents are working. Tutoring programs are widely available these days that works well for math teaching. If your child begins to feel more confident about learning math through tutoring, just admit him there without worrying much about her math proficiency.

Ultimately math teaching is all about making a child realize that without math there is no good life.