Math Skills

There are different ways of developing math skills, but as a mentor, you have to know the right way of imparting knowledge in the subject. Infants from their very childhood learn the intricacies of math through their every day experience. Number, size, shape and weight are the basic things that toddlers come to learn about when interacting with people in the surrounding.

Development of math skills in essential for your child’s flourishing academic career. In this way, they will develop an affinity towards the subject and will take interest in solving complicated problems as they grow older. However, there are certain techniques as to how you will boost your math skills in the children.

Techniques In Improving Math Skills

First, let your child realize the underlying values of coins. Introduce your child to quarters, pennies, nickels and dimes. When they start to comprehend the values and the calculation of all of them, give them small problems to solve. Suppose, give her 40 cents and ask her how she will use four dimes as a solution to the problem. Else, to put it in a different manner, ask him/her in how many different ways can add up to 40 cents. This will develop his/her skill in mathematics.

Building blocks is another way of developing math skills. Start by only a few cubes and then increase it to 100, and tell them to count by hundred and then you can also try 1000 cubes and tell them to count by 1000. You can teach your child divisions by using toffees or marbles. Let him/her divide all the sweets amongst his friends equally. You can also try the M&M’s. Give your child a number of them and tell them to divide into groups of small numbers.

Try out the pizzas. This will be of great fun. Tell your child to consider two or three pizzas at a time and tell him/her to divide each of them into separate pieces. Suppose the first pizza is divided into two parts, the second one is divided into three parts and the third pizza into four parts. Now tell them that for each case, it is only one pizza. For example, for the first pizza if the two parts are joined into a single one, it will make one single pizza and such will be the case for the other two. In this way, they will develop the concept of division and hence their math skills.

Educate them about even and odd number and enhance their math skills. Tell your child to divide numbers and if he/she get the remainder as one then, the number is odd, but if he/she gets the remainder as zero, then they must understand that the number is even.

The rearrangement process is also very helpful. Give the child three alphabets at a time and tell him/her to rearrange it, suppose ABC into BCA or CAB and so on. In this way, your child will be able to rearrange them into six different ways. It will be more fun, if you let your child practice with four alphabets at a time. The rearrange technique will enable your child to brush up his/her math skills.