Math Riddles

Math riddles is said to be a perfect brain tester. It is defined as an interrogatory statement that with dual meanings and is generally asked as a puzzle that needs to be solved by an observant. Generally, math riddles are a sort of problem that challenges your innovative abilities and requires you to cracks the inner meaning of the puzzle.

Riddles are generally put forth as a part of education and entertainment. There are so many math riddles available, that are always considered best in sharpening your logical thinking. In recent times, it is found that riddles have become the base for mathematical research. Unlike lateral thinking puzzles or other riddles, in these riddles usually you do not need to be inventive, only pure logical thinking will be enough to solve the riddles.

Types of Math Riddles

Math is considered as a subject, which requires logical skills. There are different kinds of riddles available that are always ready to sharpen your logical thinking. In general, math riddles can be divided into two main sections namely enigmas and conundrums. Enigmas are special type of questions, presented in a metaphorical language, which can be cracked only after careful observation of problem statement.

However, conundrums are similar to Enigmas but here you will find that the answer lies in the question itself, and it is, only through the application of the concept of punning you can easily bring out the real answer hidden within the question.

Some examples related to Math Riddle

It is all about logic and pure thinking that wins at the end, when you want to crack the math riddles. Here you do not have to be creative to solve them. Here are some examples of riddles that will obviously help you in improving your thinking capability and pace of solving:

Mick weighs half as much as Tom and Frank weighs three times as much as Nick. If their combined weight is 720 pounds. How much does each man weigh?
What is 50percent heavier than a cubic foot of coal, but when reduced in weighs less than a cubic foot of coal?
An airplane travels at a speed of 400 miles per hour for 1200 miles and then returns by the same route at a speed of 300 miles per hour. What is the average speed for total trip?

These are few tricky math riddles, which you need to crack to give yourself some extra credit. It is only through these riddles you will be able to improve your thinking capability and increase your pace of solving all sorts of typical solutions.