Math Resources

Plenty of Math resources are available to assist both teachers and students in the field of mathematics. Math resources are extremely significant in this era of education and scientific innovation. There are several resources to teach you math from the kindergarten to the graduate level. However, mathematics has become a subject of interest especially for those who aspire for high-level career training.

Details On Various Math Resources

The University of Chicago School Mathematics Project – This was founded in the year 1983 with the purpose of raising and developing math education in elementary and secondary school levels in several parts of United States of America.

Connected Mathematics Project – The principal aim of this project is to enable both teachers and students to develop an acute sense of mathematics and how to apply mathematical skills with precision. The project will also make you aware and help you to appreciate the superior link between mathematical strands and between math and other disciplines.

Crux Mathematicorum – This is the digital supplement to the Canadian Mathematical Society’s journal, about problem solving solutions.

Culturally Situated Design Tools: Learning math through creation –
After the discovery of the fact that several patterns of Native American beadwork, African sculpture, and other cultural designs are entirely based on principles of mathematics. There are software which can tell the students how they can make use of mathematics of these cultural designs in reproducing authentic artifacts in developing individual creations.

Eisenhower National Clearinghouse for Math and Science Education – This is probably one of the best selection or one of the best math resources available on internet.

Math Forum – The prime aim of the forum is to provide resources for math, materials, activities, person-to-person interactions, and educational products and services for enriching, supporting learning and teaching of mathematics in an the advanced technological world.

The Math Projects Journal – This is an international publication, which offers tips and lesson plans for interactive projects on mathematics. Further, it also includes discussion of applicable topics and contributions from teachers from every corner of the world.

Other significant math resources:

l Math Teacher Link
l Moneyopolis
l PowerPoint Math Lessons
l Tapped In – Math Teaching Resources
l The Regional Alliance for Mathematics and Science
l Ms. Lindquist: The Tutor
l MegaMath
l Math/Science Network
l MATHLINE: Math Challenges
l CTAP IV’s Middle School Math Project
l Create a Graph
l Columbia Education Center Mathematics Lesson Plans
l ALEKS – Learning math on a world wide web

Math resources are not just one – a plethora of such resources exists and therefore, you have to choose the one best suited to your purpose.