Math Puzzle

A math puzzle is meant to enable a child sharpen his mathematical skills and concepts that he acquires at school. With the help of a math puzzle, parents can understand how well the child has been able to grasp the basics of mathematics. Nowadays, many a number of math puzzles are available in the market for children of all ages and grade levels.

Math puzzle varieties

Math puzzle comes in a number of varieties and these include board and logic games, mazes and tactile toys. First, you have to take into account the efficiency of your child learning and then you should make the selection of puzzles based upon his skills.

There are several board games serving as math puzzles and such games are sure to help your child learn math better. A game of chess is very useful to teach your child how to implement strategies and advanced complex reasonings. However, if your child has that skill then you can surely give him to play with a more complicated math puzzle like Rubic’s Cube.

The relevance of math games and puzzles

Each time your child succeeds with a math puzzle he becomes more confident and ends up with more curiosity and motivation. This prepares him to face several academic and intellectual challenges. With math puzzles your child can aptly fight boredom. Sudoku is a popular math puzzle, which is quite a favorite with high school and elementary students. Sudoku is like a magic square and to play this game your child has to make the correct use of his logical sense and concentrate on the sums.

Books on puzzles

There is however, a selection of books where you get to see several math puzzles and games, which you can make your child play by using different math concepts like polygons, numbers, topology, division, mazes, logic, magic squares, chess, cards, origami and similar other varieties. Then there is Martin Gardner’s “Mathematical Games” which is a collection of Martin’s favorites. These are thematically organized by topics like plane geometry, infinity, and algebra.

You can also go through the Great Book of Math Puzzles, where you find 200 math teasers systematically grouped in 30 quizzes and these will help you to test your child’s skills regarding correct application of numbers, units, measures, symbols, series, permutations, and more. The math puzzle being provided in it may appear to be simple at first, but in reality they are quite challenging and can always give a tough fight to those mathematicians with experience and expertise.

You also get to work with the hard to solve math puzzles for which you need to make use of your sense of logic and reasoning. Here you do not need to crunch with numbers to arrive at a particular solution.

In fact, a math puzzle is not just a puzzle – it is a tool to help your child sharpen his mathematical skills and aptitudes.