Math Graph

A math graph is simply a chart representation to establish a relationship between data or values. A math graph is not a mere drawn curve; it is a symbolic representation of information. The diagrams in Geometry consist of a number of dots, which are known as vertices. These are not only small dots but symbolic representation of information. Most of the students often find great interest in solving the chapters on math graphs. These chapters are part of an important mathematical section known as Statistics. Students just love to play with the variables and draw graphs by following the instructions in the related sums.

You can create your data by means of three different ways like mathematics graphs, tables and charts. If you are having problem in creating the data, you can always ask your teacher because this is one of the primary stages to learn math graph. When you prepare your own charts and graphs, make sure that you label them with the exact measure units.

If you still find it difficult to create a graph, you can create one through the spreadsheet program because it is one of the easiest ways of creating a math graph. In the spreadsheet program, you will come across various software like Microsoft Works, Microsoft Excel etc where it will be easier for you to create math graphs.

There are three basic types of math graph patterns – the bar graph, the line graph, and the circle or pie graph. The bar graph is also known as the bar chart that features rectangular bars. The length of these bars is always proportional to the value they represent. The bar charts make it easier to compare two or more than two values. You can also use a stretched graphic in place of a bar. The entire concept is interesting and students tend to practice more and more.

A pie chart or a circle graph refers to a round shaped chart that can be divided into sectors. With the help of the pie charts, you can illustrate relative magnitudes or percents. The pie charts are regarded as the most important means in the mass media companies and the corporate sectors to calculate the exact statistics of the business market. However, it is also regarded as one of the most criticized charts as professional statisticians have said that the pie chart creates problem in comparing the various sections in a pie chart.

Although pie charts are famous in business and journalism, most of the statisticians do not recommend pie charts as they claim it to be the weakest mode of presenting data and information. However, they occupy an important position as a math graph.