Math Facts

When you send your child to elementary school, it becomes necessary for him to learn the basics and details of math facts. However, this learning process is not always quite enjoyable and at times tends to be extremely boring. Therefore, teachers should always try to make the learning process of math facts more exciting and interesting as well.

There are several online math sites, which will provide your kid with worksheet generator, online flashcards and games such as Matho, Concentration and Hidden Pictures. In Matho, your child will have to find a perfect combination of bingo and math facts in form of an extremely exciting timed game. You can also make your child do another thing – he can match the math related problems to the answers in perfect concentration. Once he is able to solve the math problems he can unlock stunning photographs which otherwise remain concealed in the hidden picture games.

The musical aspect

You can also find math facts programs in rap, rock and country versions. Such varieties can aptly satisfy several musical tastes. Most children would just love to review multiplication facts to some unconventional rap beats.

Leap Frog’s Twist & Shout

Then there is the favorite educational toy Leap Frog’s Twist & Shout. With the help of this educational toy, children can easily shout out and make their way to mathematical facts. The game being played is indeed lively and the child here does his bit of learning along with toe tapping musical beats. The kids proceed and cut through their way with four different games accompanied by “twist” and “quiz” modes. Next, they are supposed to twist the number dial for a proper solving of the equation and then hit to choose a solution or an answer. After the entire thing has been done, you can see the numbers on the LCD screen.

Hot Dots flash cards

While learning math facts, you can also teach your child to make the best use of Hot Dots flash cards, which can be used as regular flash cards with the correct addition of Hot Dots Power Pen. This enables the child to go for an independent drilling with insistent support. The kids lightly introduce the pen to the dot and get an instant response signaling either a correct or an incorrect answer.

The importance of math facts learning

Math facts are integral parts of a solid math foundation, which has a vital role to play in your fundamental understanding of mathematics.

In case of math facts, your child first has to learn four basic things – quantity, number recognition, number meaning and operations. Make him go through these four sections before he prepares himself to know more about mathematical facts. However, without going through the basics, it will become very difficult for your child and it is likely that he has to face great many problems and confusions.

In short, learning of math facts have to be done quite systematically without giving space to any possible errors and confusions.