Math Division

Is math division turning into a nightmare for your kid? Is he coping well with addition, subtraction and multiplication well, but getting stuck with division? Certainly, division may seem more complex to your little one, especially when it involves long numbers.

Tackle your kid’s difficulties with some early advice and care. Give him some personal attention and do his homework with him. Don’t neglect the issue, since your child needs to get over the hurdles before he moves on to tougher maths in his next grade. Follow these simple concepts and see how division gets a lot more enjoyable for your kid.

Quick tips

An easy way to solve your kid’s division problem is to use the last digit of a number.

  1. If a number ends in a zero, the number will allow division by ten.
  2. If the last digit is even, then it will allow division by two
  3. If the last digit is five the number is divisible by five
  4. If you can divide the last 2 digits by four, you can divide the whole number by 4
  5. If the last three digits are divisible by eight, you can divide the whole number by eight
  6. If you can divide the last four digits by sixteen, like the others, you can divide the whole number by it

Whole number tricks

There are some easy ways to find out how a division answer will end up in a whole number. If the digits in a number add up to a number that allow division by three then three can also divide the whole number. Again, if the digits add up to a number that is divisible by nine then the whole number can also be divided by nine.

New number formula

Division can also become easy by this method. To start, add up every other number and get a new number. Then add up the left over numbers and if the result is the same answer or if both the results are multiples of 11, the whole number is divisible by eleven.

Number facts

Some numbers make maths a lot of fun. Like the number six. To find out what can be divided by six, you need to first find out if it allows division by three and two. If yes, then it is also divisible by six. However, seven is one number that you cannot play tricks with.

Long division hurdles

Long division that involves equations needs a separate set of strategies. They involve more than single digit numbers on both sides and often may not end up in whole number. A smart way out is to employ subtraction methods to tackle them.

Most of these tips will make what seems very hard, much more enjoyable and easy to your kid. Once he learns these tricks, math division will open up a world of wonder for him.