Math Definitions

There are multiple math definitions. The most common and comprehensible of them is that mathematics; a segment of science is the knowledge of numbers, figures, shapes, structures, quantity, percentage, fraction and space. Other math definitions include the knowledge of imaginary abstractions and that it is the science that helps to draw necessary calculation and conclusions. There is no definite definition of this numerical science.

It is a measure from several math definitions that mathematics is a systematic study of the motions and shapes of different physical objects. It has evolved from such abstract but logical concepts as calculation, counting, reasoning and measurement. Basic mathematics has long been an integral and inherent part of study in all academic fields. Mathematical texts owe their origin to the ancient Egyptian, Indian, Mesopotamian, Greek, Chinese and Islamic worlds. Refinement of basic mathematical ideas is visible in those texts.

Rigorous arguments regarding definitions of mathematics came first from Greek mathematicians. Euclid’s Elements bear evidence to the fact. During the Renaissance in the 16th century, mathematical innovations got into interaction with scientific discoveries. This rare combination has led to the evolution of mathematics that is on rise today.

Definitions of mathematics vary with the fields where mathematics is applied. Natural science, medicine, engineering, economics, statistics and social sciences are the fields that incorporate the application of mathematics. Now it has been elevated to the height of a universal phenomenon. Applied mathematics inspires the discovery and development of new disciplines.

The simplest of math definitions is found at school levels. At lower levels of academics, mathematics consists of simple addition, subtraction, division and multiplication. Algebra, arithmetic, geometry and trigonometry are basic divisions of mathematics. Having knowledge of all mathematical areas is a valuable asset to a student. In higher classes of academics, math definition becomes complex.

A deep and delicate analysis of math definition leads to the origin of the word “mathematics”. It came from a Greek word ‘μάθημα’ meaning learning science and studying in classical times. Its adjective form in Greek is ‘μαθηματικός’ that means studious or something relating to learning. In Latin, the word mathematics means the mathematical art. You can consult a dictionary to look for math definitions in several languages.