Math 24

Math 24 is a very exciting game that can delight the heart of math lovers. It is completely a mathematical game where the object has to operate four integers in such a way that the end result comes to 24. The game card consists of a set of four numbers. However, if you come across the original version, you will find that with the help of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, you can make four digits that will be equal to 24. Digits from 1 to 9 will be present on the cards. Math 24 has about nine variations.

The genesis of Math 24 dates back to 1988, when the game was invented by Robert Sun. The Math 24 cards are divided into three levels, namely, one-dot cards, two-dot cards and three-dot cards. One-dot card problems are solved with the help of addition. It consists of three digits that count up to 24. The second level, namely, the two-dot cards are a bit more difficult where multiplication and division play an important role. The three-dot cards are the third and the most difficult level.

The famous game 24 Challenge has many variations such as Two-digit cards and Variables. Two digit cards consist of 2-digit numbers whereas variables consist of cards that have two wheels. Each wheel has three numbers along with a missing number. The game card also features fraction, decimal and exponent versions. These versions are used in case of difficult level tournaments. To get the solutions fast, you can take the help of common patterns of multiplication like 6×4, 8×3 or 12×2 that ultimately comes to 24. You can get more methods to get the result of 24 from the twenty-four game deck boxes.

Big tournaments are also held at various places of the world. Pennsylvania is the main center where Math 24 tournaments take place. Apart from this, New Jersey and California are the two other places where regular competitions are arranged. Most of the schools send few brilliant students to take part in the regional levels. As mentioned above, this game has ample of variations and these are used in the platinum stages of the game. This is the topmost level of the game, and one who succeeds to cross it, is declared the winner.

Basically, the seventh and the eighth graders participate in the platinum stage of the Math 24 game, and the cards used in this level are Algebra, fractions and integer cards. The Platinum series is a difficult level but it is quite interesting to play. Algebra version cards are also available that mark its values in the form of variables like 2x-4, 3y, 8c etc. Online Math 24 games are also available where you can download those on your hard disk.

Math 24 is on the line, so pick it up and start playing.